Meet the Improvement Team

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

We have a dedicated CQI team working in conjunction with the Clinical Audit Team and sitting within the Quality Governance Directorate – let’s meet them:

Suzanne Rostron

Suzanne Rostron

Director of Quality Governance

Michela Littlewood

Michaela Littlewood

Associate Director for Quality

Quality Improvement work streams allow us to improve patient care by working together and embedding best practice. It is the creative and interesting part of our roles that can really make a difference.

Kelly Northcott-Orr

Kelly Northcott-Orr

Head of Continuous Quality Improvement and QSIR Associate

I really enjoy being able to network with staff across the organisation and being able to provide support, guidance, training opportunities and problem solving to get the best outcomes in quality improvement. I especially love seeing those "light bulb" moments staff have talking through their improvement ideas!

Vicki Shaw

Clinical Audit and Effectiveness Manager

April Montoya

Clinical Effectiveness and CQI Manager and QSIR Associate

Sarah Meadows

Sarah Meadows

Quality Improvement Coordinator and QSIR Associate

I love being able to give staff a voice to make positive changes in their area of work and improve care to patients.

Melanie Dubej

Clinical Audit and Effectiveness Facilitator

My role involves review and processing of local audits and supporting the analysis of national audit outcomes. I am the primary, day-to-day contact for the Family and Women's and Clinical Support Health Group audit queries, but I also cover other health groups in my colleague's absence. I co-ordinate NCEPOD studies and have recently completed the five-day QSIR training course.

Vicky Donald

Clinical Audit and Effectiveness Facilitator

Sophie Holt

Sophie Holt

Continuous Quality Improvement Administrator

It is great to empower staff with knowledge to make improvements in their areas, knowing that this work will lead to better care for our patients in the long-term.

Medical QI Leads

We have seven Medical Quality Improvement Leads who are able to support with improvement work across the organisation — let’s meet them:

Dr Wajiha Arshad

Consultant in Radiology

Sanjay Gupta

Dr Sanjay Gupta

Consultant in Paediatrics

Working with likeminded people from different disciplines in designing QI projects, implementing them and going through the PSDA cycle. There are so many excellent ongoing projects in various departments, all aiming to improve patient outcomes, experience and care processes and this role has given me an opportunity to learn from these and disseminate more widely within the organisation and beyond.

Mr Andy Hunter

Consultant in Colorectal Surgery and a QSIR Associate

QI gives us all an opportunity to question the processes we undertake every day, to engage with them in a more meaningful way and where possible improve them.

Mr Martin Jarvis

Consultant in Cardiothoracic Surgery

Miss Noemi Keleman

Consultant in Plastic Surgery and QSIR Associate

The most amazing part of QI for me is the teamwork, team effort, team enthusiasm and the resulting change in culture to achieve great things.

Dr Aparna Manou

Consultant in Neonates

Dr Austin Smithies

Emergency Medicine Consultant. Medical QI lead. Member of the Human Factors Hub. Emergency Medicine Research Lead. MBBS Newcastle 2008. FRCEM 2021. Member of the QSIR community.

I am proud of my team at Hull Royal Infirmary and I believe they can deliver a world-beating level of care. Quality Improvement offers an alternative to the usual knee jerk responses and poorly planned and executed ideas that plague the NHS. I believe that any problem can be solved if there is the right vision, a structured analysis and an innovative approach to finding a solution.

QSIR Associates

At Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (HUTH), our staff are trained using the NHS England method of Quality Service Improvement and Redesign (QSIR) to drive improvement across the organisation and develop a culture of continuous improvement in line with the trust’s Quality Strategy.

We have a number of QSIR Associates across the organisation that help deliver QSIR training and support with QI projects — let’s meet them:

Jamie Bradbury

Jamie Bradbury

Operational Improvement Lead

QI is important to me because it provides a simple to understand but useful set of tools and techniques for change management. As more and more staff develop their understanding of QI it gives us a common improvement language which will help us work collectively to deliver organisation improvement.

Ruth Colville

Ruth Colville

Organisational Development Manager (Leadership and Improvement)

QI provides a scientifically-based structured way of safely making a positive difference to services in a way that engages and empowers teams, builds team knowledge and is sensitive to local contexts. It's a great way to better services while team-building. A win all around.

Samantha Cook

Operational Improvement Lead

I have worked in service improvement for over 30 years. I started my improvement journey in manufacturing and then joined HUTH 10 years ago. I have supported both small- and large-scale change using a range of improvement tools and methodologies such as Kaizen, 5S, Lean Six Sigma and QSIR. The best part of my job as Improvement Lead is using improvement methodology to support teams to make changes that make things better for patients and staff. I was proud to complete my MSc in Strategic Quality Management in 2022. My biggest takeaway... improvement really is as simple as making a change that makes things better. Anyone can do it. You don’t need to be an expert!

Leah Coneyworth

Head of Clinical Effectiveness and Patient Experience

Julia Elstob

Operational Improvement Lead for Elective Recovery

I have worked in the NHS now for about 14 years and I am currently the Operational Improvement Lead for Elective Recovery. I have worked within QI for a number of years now and am a member of various QI groups including; QSIR Associate, Improvement Academy member and "Gold" trainer, Q Member and Certified Change Agent of "School 4 Change".

Joanne Goode

Chief Pharmacist and Accountable Officer for Controlled Drugs at HUTH

I have had an interest in Quality Improvement for a number of years now and previously completed courses on Lean and Six Sigma before completing the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (EGA) MSc programme which included a module on service improvement. For my EGA project I redesigned the pharmacy on call service for the trust I worked for and learned so much in the process. I completed the QSIR Practitioner and Associate course at HUTH last year and have enjoyed working through the tools that it has reminded me of and the new ones it has introduced me to. I do like seeing the improvements on a Statistical Process Control (SPC) chart and also enjoy working as part of an MDT group to discover together how we can make improvements for our patients and our teams working at HUTH.

Fran Moverley

Fran Moverley

Head of Freedom to Speak Up

It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, improvement is for everybody! I especially like being able to use the improvement tools in my everyday work and that I can easily pick and choose the tools that fit the needs of the task.

If you are interested in becoming a QSIR Associate and would like to support with training, you must have completed the QSIR Practitioner course, the CQI team will then nominate you to NHS England to undertake the QSIR Associate Assessment.

For further information, please email and a member of the team will be in touch.

Other teams in the organisation leading on improvement

There are a number of teams within the trust that lead and support with QI within the organisation including:

Operational Improvement Team

  • Improvement relating to Elective Recovery
  • Improvement relating to Cancer Services
  • Improvement relating to Urgent and Emergency Care

Organisational Development Team

  • Improvement ideas relating to organisational development
  • Improvement ideas relating to leadership

Sustainability Team

  • Improvement ideas in support of the HUTH Zero30 strategy
  • Improvement ideas to reduce the carbon impact on the local environment to reduce waste

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