Quality Strategy

This Quality Strategy sets out our approach to ensuring each patient contact is safe and effective.

The strategy outlines our objectives and the outcomes we want for our patients along with information about the support we have put in place for our teams and our workforce in their constant pursuit to improve services and the care we provide.

Quality Strategy 2022-2025

The Quality Strategy is currently undergoing an annual review and an updated version will be uploaded soon.

Quality Priorities

Our quality ambition to be a regional centre of excellence as one of the leading major teaching hospitals in the country will see us provide evidence based, efficient and cohesive healthcare pathways. This strategy alongside the Clinical Services Strategy defines our priorities as follows:


  • Harm-free care and learning from events.


  • Right patient, right place, right time and best clinical outcomes.


  • Listening from patients and staff experience and improve engagement with staff, patients, and the public.


  • Person-centred care, end of life care, mental health outcomes and dementia care.

Make a Quality Pledge

We invite you to make a Quality Pledge in support of the Quality Strategy and the drive to improve patient safety and care. It will be displayed anonymously below.

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Quality Pledges

I pledge to...

Encourage shared learning across Clinical Support to becoming effective in being more environmentally friendly.

I pledge to...

Be an inclusive leader and promote Quality and Excellence.

I pledge to...

Ensure staff, all 10,000 people, feel engaged, involved and motivated so they provide quality care.

I pledge to...

Proactively promote the QI agenda and strategy for our trust.

I pledge to...

Support and promote quality throughout the organisation, ensuring that good practice is shared to all members of the MDT.

I pledge to...

Continue to strive for open and honest complaints handling with improvement in identifying areas for learning.

I pledge to...

Be compassionate and understanding to my patients and work colleagues, even in times of stress.

I pledge to...

Discharge patients when they do not need to be in hospital.

I pledge to...

Remember that it may be just a day at work to me, but a life-changing experience for my patient.

I pledge to...

Be a Quality and Patient Safety champion.

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