Improvement Projects

When an improvement has been made we love to share successes that staff have had and share the learning. We believe this approach creates:

  • Rich and diverse networks within the trust with staff from all different levels and roles.
  • An opportunity for services to see what improvements have been made so they can undertake improvements of a similar nature and spread and sustain improvements.
  • A celebration of what is working well.

We are building a searchable library of completed improvement projects at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, which staff can access to get ideas and help kickstart more and more improvement projects across the organisation.

We want to hear all about the improvements you’ve made, big or small, whether you’re clinical or non-clinical, and regardless of your role: Tell us about your improvements today.

Have you completed an improvement project?

We'd love to include it in our library.

Improvement Ideas

If you have a quality improvement idea you’d like to register as a project, please follow this simple flowchart:

  • 1. Have an improvement project idea?

    Great! This is the first step.

  • 2. Complete the registration form

    Download the form and type your answers into it.

  • 3. Submit the registration form

    Send it via email to

  • 4. Registration form reviewed

    All registration forms are reviewed on a weekly basis by the CQI Team.

  • 5. Feedback provided and project registered

    Feedback will be provided within ten working days of submission of the registration form.

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