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Hepatology Research Team

The Hepatology Research Department was established over 10 years ago, and has become one of the most active liver research teams in the region. We participate in trials covering all areas of liver disease including fatty liver (NAFLD/NASH), alcohol-related disease, immune system disorders, and the complications of cirrhosis. We have 16 trials open to recruitment, which include both commercial and non-commercial work, and international and UK-based studies. The majority are adopted on the NIHR portfolio, signifying that they are considered of key importance to patients and the NHS.

We have a dedicated team of experienced Principal Investigators, clinical research nurses and administrators. Our core team is enhanced by the work of research fellows and doctors in training, who contribute to research through participation in the NIHR Clinical Research Training Programme, which is led by one of our PIs.

In addition to contributing to multi-centre studies, we also design and conduct our own research which aims to improve care for our local population and beyond. Our work on fatty liver disease was funded by the Health Foundation and others, and resulted in significant changes in how people with suspected NAFLD are investigated and managed in primary and secondary care. More recently, we have built close links with colleagues at the University of Hull and Hull York Medical School, with 2 of our team now working towards higher degrees in the field of alcohol-related liver diseases.

Through participation in multi-centre studies, training the next generation of Principal Investigators, and conducting our own research, we hope to achieve our goal of offering every one of our patients the opportunity to take part in research.

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