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Daisy Building

Daisy Building

The Medical Research and Teaching Building (otherwise known as 'The Daisy Building') is home to our Research and Innovation Team. Based at Castle Hill, this also houses laboratory facilities and the Daisy Tumour Bank.

Allam Medical Building

Allam Medical Building

We also work closely with the University of Hull, where our researchers have access to the Hull Health Trials Unit based in the Allam Medical Building.

Allam Diabetes Centre

Allam Diabetes Centre

Our research delivery teams are based across CHH and HRI with access to support services in pharmacy, labs and imaging, simulation and clinical skills, and the new Diabetes Research Centre.

Diabetes Research Centre

Staff standing outside the Allam Diabetes Centre

Its sleek design and bold frontage are a far cry from what may traditionally be thought of as a hospital building, but the new Allam Diabetes Centre is anything but ordinary.

The latest building to open on the Hull Royal Infirmary site has been generously supported by local businessman and philanthropist, Dr Assem Allam, with a donation of £3m. The balance has been provided by Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, with the overall cost of the building development amounting to some £7.5 million.

After 12 months under construction, this new centre of excellence is serving as a hub to treat more than 9,000 people every year for diabetes and metabolic bone diseases such as osteoporosis. In addition, it is providing a significantly expanded range of accommodation for world-class diabetes and endocrinology research and other research teams.

The Allam family donation has facilitated a significant increase in research accommodation within this building. This has resulted in purpose-designed, spacious and modern accommodation in which to undertake diabetes and endocrinology research, and the new centre is now helping to reaffirm Hull’s reputation as a global leader in research too.

The entire first floor has been given over to diabetes and endocrinology research and the staff supporting this work, which seems fitting given this team is the most successful recruiter into endocrine studies in the whole country.

Their cutting-edge research facilities now include dedicated laboratories, a sports science laboratory, ultrasound, ECG and consulting rooms plus day case facilities for complex clinical trials. The team currently has over 200 people involved in 12 active clinical trials right now, the findings of which will go on to benefit people with long-term conditions by significantly advancing treatment options and medical knowledge.

A new development?

The trust is currently looking into the potential to develop a truly translational research programme through the creation of a fixed-site £6.4m cyclotron facility. This will allow us to scan patients with certain heart and neurological conditions, including Alzheimer’s, as well as those with cancer.

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