Here are a few ways to help you discover careers on the NHS. Give it a try. It might just go down well with your teachers!
  1. Find out what careers are available in the NHS by taking a look at the website.
  2. Take the personality quiz on our homepage to reveal the careers that might suit you.
  3. Select a career that you find most interesting from the ones researched.
  4. Complete this ready-made job description to find out more about your chosen role.
  5. Create a job advertisement of your chosen role explaining experience and qualifications required.

You can select any kind of media you like from film, posters and presentations, to leaflets or websites, as long as you avoid using copyrighted material, for example, music on videos and websites.

Who earns the most: a physio or a nurse? Higher or lower?

Compare the roles for the chance of 350 big money, life-changing opportunities!

Play your cards right!
School Visits


Imagine having a brain surgeon let loose in your school*? Okay, it’s not as good as a dog but if you fancy a visit from our trust, and it’s okay with your teachers (they kind of have to know), we can sort something out. We’ll bring enormous ears, gory guts, serious surgery, weeping wounds and loads of things that you can get involved in. Things like this…

It's in the blood

This show is all about blood, guts and all things gross.

Follow the journey of blood through the human body, discovering what it does, what’s in it, where it goes, and what happens when you start to lose it.

Follow the journey of your food into your mouth, through the acid bath in your stomach, along metre after metre of pulsating guts, before it ‘plops’ out at the other end!

This show, featuring video footage of people’s insides, is a gross, squirm-inducing answer to a thousand questions. Including why exactly your poo is brown!

It takes guts
Weird science
A celebration of the brainiacs, boffins and super-geeks who make our lives better in the most peculiar ways.
Breaking Bad: We take a look at the damage one of our younger patients suffered when skylarking. Can we see the break using our ultrasound machine?
Back to Life: What does it take to be a real lifesaver?
We're all heart: find out what it is that really makes you tick.
Push it real good: the miracle of childbirth.
Serious surgery: get your scrubs on and be a smooth operator.
Old School: Try our magical ageing suit and add years to your life.