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Systems Analyst


You’re based in the old ramp wards at Castle Hill Hospital, modern offices known as “The Suites”. You’re part of the hDigital team and it’s your job to check and improve shared computer systems all over the hospital.

You decide a new computer program is needed for staff to get the best use of the IT system and ask an IT programmer to design a test model.

Next, you take a look at the computer database storing patient records. Staff have had trouble accessing it recently and you check to see what could be the problem. You soon work out some areas of the hospital aren’t correctly accessing the network and order a routine wire repair.


You’re highly skilled with computers, are very logical and enjoy problem solving. You’re good at maths, enjoy analysing data and communicate well with others.


You’ll need a minimum of five 9-4 (A*-C) grade GCSEs (or the equivalent), in order to take A-Levels, or an equivalent level 3 qualification. Alternatively, there are sometimes informatics apprenticeships in the NHS.

You’ll usually need a degree in computer science or relevant subject to work as a systems analyst.

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