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Senior Care Worker


As a Senior Care Worker, you’ll perform the same tasks as a Care Worker, but with added responsibilities of supervising and supporting a team. Some Senior Care Workers specialise in areas like end-of-life care, moving and handling, dementia care, or health and safety. Your duties include supporting individuals in their daily lives, fostering relationships, creating care plans, assisting with personal care, overseeing healthcare tasks, managing a care team, and ensuring compliance with care regulations and standards.


Having the right values is key. You will be required to have a background in Social Care or Health Care and there are also some specific skills needed to work in this role. These include:

  • the ability to treat people with dignity
  • supervisory or team leading skills
  • good presentation skills
  • the ability to deal with conflict
  • the ability to follow company policies and procedures (e.g. health and safety)


People become a Senior Care Worker from all sorts of backgrounds and at different stages in life. You will need to show that you have experience of caring either from a previous role as a volunteer or from life experience (such as caring for a relative). Some enter the role from college, others from different jobs, some after time looking after their children and others after a career in the armed services etc. Most importantly you will demonstrate you have the values and attitude needed.

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