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Prosthetic Technician


Prosthetic technicians provide artificial limb replacements to individuals who are missing an arm or leg due to birth defects, accidents, military service, or medical conditions like diabetes. Working alongside Prosthetists, you’ll create custom prostheses using various materials such as plastics, metals, leather, carbon fiber, and composites. Your role involves digital imaging, CAD, and CAM during the design phase. The goal is to craft prostheses that closely match the missing limb and meet the patient’s specific needs, including considerations for sports-related designs.


You’re creative, good with your hands, able to work to deadlines, methodical and accurate and can work from technical instructions.

You will also need have practical, design and problem solving skills, use hand tools, work with different materials, have IT and CADCAM skills and good communication skills if working with patients.


Although there are no set entry requirements, employers usually ask for five GCSEs (or equivalent) including English, maths and a science or engineering subject. A level 3 apprenticeship standard for prosthetic and orthotic technicians has been approved. To get onto an apprenticeship, you will need to apply for an apprentice position with a health care provider. Experience in healthcare, particularly for jobs where you have contact with patients would be an advantage.

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