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At Hull Eye Hospital, your day starts with a woman complaining of double vision since being in a car accident. She is very distressed and is unsteady all the time. It’s up to you to work out which of the eye muscles or nerves have been damaged and how you can get rid of the double vision. You successfully identify the eye muscle that has been trapped by a fracture in the eye socket. The double vision can be fixed with a stick-on prism on the patient’s glasses.

Next, there’s a six-year-old boy with a left squint/lazy eye which turns in towards the nose. You check to see if the squint his affecting his vision, measure the size of the squint and make sure the muscles around the eyes are working normally. With your test results, the child can now go on to have surgery to straighten his eyes.

Your care and expertise mean both patients have a better quality of life, and you feel privileged to have helped in restoring their vision and confidence.


You enjoy working with children and adults. You like working on your own and as a team. You are interested in the eye and the brain and how they work together to allow our eyes to move and respond.


You’ll need a minimum of 5 GCSE subjects at 9-4 (A*-C) grades, including English, maths and science and then go onto 6th form or college to do three A-levels, one of which must be biology, chemistry, physics, or maths.

You will need to take an approved Orthoptics degree course. You will usually need a minimum of BBB at A-Level.

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