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Domestic Services Assistant


Domestic Services Assistants are the lifeblood of the NHS, keeping hospitals, health centres, offices and other areas clean and hygienic. You will work across all areas of the NHS, making sure that all areas are clean and safe places where staff can care for patients while reducing the risk of infection.  You will carry out the cleaning duties including; dusting, using spray cleaners, cleaning hard floors with mops or electric floor cleaners using vacuum cleaners or carpet cleaners and cleaning toilet and bathroom areas.  You will do routine cleaning which needs to be done on a daily or weekly basis as well as emergencies such as spills. You may also carry out regular, planned deep cleaning on a monthly or annual basis.


People become Domestic Services Assistants from all sorts of backgrounds and at different stages in life. Some are straight from school or college, others from different jobs, some after time looking after their children and others after a career in the armed services etc. Provided you have the skills and attitude needed and meet the minimum requirements, anyone can be a Domestic Services Assistants.


Although no formal experience is required, Domestic Services staff need to be physically fit, follow instructions and procedures,  work as part of a team and be able to work unsupervised.

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