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Care Coordinator / Navigator


As a Care Coordinator/Navigator you will play a crucial role in helping people to get the right support, at the right time to help manage a wide range of needs. This may include support with long term conditions, help with finances and signposting to a range of support services.

There is not a single definition for Care Coordinators / Navigators, but you will take an active role in helping people to remain in their own homes and get the support they need.


You will need some experience of working in a Social Care, Healthcare or advice setting as well as up to date knowledge of policy and practice in Social Care and Health. You will need good planning and organisational skills, good team working skills and digital skills, especially using a computer and assistive technology.


Requirements for these roles vary with some expecting a minimum of a level 4 qualification and others wanting professional qualifications and/or degrees.  There are many local education providers who offer a wide variety of qualifications.

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