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Cardiac Physiologist


You work in Cardiology at Castle Hill Hospital, using high-tech equipment to assess patients with heart problems.

This morning, you’re using an ultrasound scanner to assess an elderly patient with suspected heart disease. He’s nervous so you have a chat to put him at ease. You analyse the findings and write a report for the doctor looking after the patient.

Throughout the day you carry out a range of diagnostic investigations and offer expert advice to doctors. You enjoy being a vital part of a life-saving healthcare team and meeting new people every day.


You’re calm, understanding, confident enough to put people at ease and interested in learning how to use sophisticated medical equipment.


A minimum of five 9-4 (A*-C) grade GCSEs (or the equivalent), usually including maths, English and a double science GCSE. You should apply for at least two A-Levels (or the equivalent) at college or 6th form.

Apply for an approved 3-year healthcare science degree where you can specialise in cardiac physiology, which includes placements in the NHS. To apply, you’ll usually need at least two A-Levels (or equivalent level 3 qualifications), including at least one science subject.

Healthcare science practitioner degree apprenticeships where you could specialise in cardiac physiology may be available in some parts of the country and you’ll usually need the same level of GCSEs and A-Levels or equivalent qualifications.

Alternatively, you could take a science degree then apply for the NHS Scientist Training Programme.

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