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Activity Worker Coordinator


You’ll coordinate and manage social activities for people who need care and support, helping them create personalised activity plans. Responsibilities include talking about what the would like to do, organising tailored activities for individuals and groups, balancing familiar and new experiences, arranging external entertainment, planning community outings with attention to transport and accessibility, and assisting participants during activities.


Activity Workers/Co-ordinators need to have a good knowledge of illnesses that are affecting their residents, as well as being sensitive to the individual needs of older people, to give service users the best quality of life possible. It is an essential role that will be needed in care more as the population grows older, to provide stimulation and a quality of life for residents. If you have already been working in care in a paid or voluntary capacity and have the skills you are well placed to do the role.


You will usually have experience of working in a residential, community or voluntary setting possibly as a Care or Healthcare Assistant and experience of organising activities.

Qualifications demonstrating strong English and number skills (such as GCSE grades A–C in maths and English) are usually required.  A Level 3 Diploma or Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care is also a desirable qualification for this role, as well as awards and certificate in activity provision. There are also some specific skills needed to work in this role including the ability to motivate others, good organisational skills, time management, the ability to schedule and plan ahead and digital skills to research and book activities online. Many local education providers offer a wide variety of qualifications.

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