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You work in the accounts department at Castle Hill Hospital, starting at 9am. Today, you’re compiling the monthly finance report with spreadsheets, graphs and data from receipts, invoices and purchase orders. Then, you plan next year’s budget with the head of finance, discussing how much funding each department should get while suggesting how to save money. You finish at 5pm, knowing you’ve played a key role in making the most of the NHS budget.


You enjoy maths, have a logical mind and like analysing facts and figures. You’re good at planning and enjoy working in a team.


Five 9-4 (A*-C) grade GCSEs (or the equivalent), preferably including maths, to apply for at least two A levels (or the equivalent) at college.

There are various routes. You can get a trainee position with A Levels (or equivalent), get an apprenticeship or take a degree in accountancy at university. You can take a non-accountancy degree and then get a job and study professional accountancy qualifications while you’re working.

The NHS also runs a financial management scheme for graduates.

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