Accessible Information Standard

What is the Accessible Information Standard?

  • The Accessible Information Standard says that people who have a disability or sensory loss should get information in a way they can access and understand.
  • It also says that they should get support with communication if they need it.
  • The Accessible Information Standard tells organisations how they must do this.
  • If you tell us that you have communication needs or need to be given information in a certain way, we will record this information in your patient record.
  • This information will be shared with other Health and Social Care providers, if they are allowed to see it.

How to tell us about your accessibility needs

If you want to tell us that you would like to receive information in a more accessible way, you can:

  • Talk to a member of staff.
  • Tell the Appointments and Referrals Centre staff by:

The ways we can help you

Here are some of the different ways that we can tell you information about your health needs:

  • Send letters with different coloured paper.
  • Send letters with different sized or coloured fonts.
  • Send letters as an email.
  • Add the information to Patients Know Best.
  • Send a letter using Braille (Grade 1 or Grade 2).
  • Call you on the telephone and tell you the information.
  • Send the information in an electronic audio format.
  • Send the information to your mobile, by text message.

If you would like information in a different way, you can tell us and we will try to do this for you.