Students from Frederick Holmes get the Med Shed Experience

A ‘great learning experience’ at Hull Institute for Learning and Simulation (HILS)

On Monday 24th April, students and staff from Frederick Holmes School joined colleagues from the Widening Participation Team and Learning and Simulation Team from Hull Teaching Hospitals to gain a hands-on ‘Med Shed’ work experience opportunity. 

This was a bespoke session delivered for the students who all have a variety of complex learning and physical disabilities. The session was part of their wider employee engagement activities, with the aim of providing students with an informative and fun opportunity to see the ‘other side’ of the hospital.

Students had a fantastic time touring the HILS suites and learning about some of the different skills our clinical colleagues learn and practice. They had an opportunity to ‘examine’ a simulated patient, checking for vital signs and understanding how and why these need to be done in such ways. The session also had hands-on activities including making simulated wounds, removing ‘glass’ (clear mints), bandaging, and practicing skills with a laparoscopy box.

Claire Pick, Widening Participation Officer who coordinated the session, explains:

“The event was a great success; seeing the students beginning to relax in the hospital made all the planning and preparation so worthwhile. It was a joy to work with the students and to give them this opportunity to see the other side of the hospital. I hope this is the first of many similar events”.

Also at the session was Jayne Dobson from Hull City Council’s Employability Team, who has been central in helping with the arrangements between the hospital and school. Jayne, who works with the Trust for all Work Experience placements, said:

“This was an amazing event and an incredibly positive experience for everyone involved, it just goes to show that there are fantastic work experience opportunities available to all”.