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Reconstructive Scientist


You’re based at Castle Hill Hospital and meet a patient recovering from nasal cancer who had to have his nose removed.

You and your team will help to rebuild his face. You explain exactly what you need to do to construct an artificial nose. You take an impression of the man’s face and rebook him for a second appointment later in the week.

In the afternoon, you’re called by a doctor in the Emergency Department to construct some special splints to be used in theatre that evening for a patient injured in a car accident. You meet the patient and doctor and then construct the splints in your prosthetics laboratory.


You have calm, reassuring manner, can communicate easily and like helping others. You’re always willing to learn about new technology and have a creative nature. You are dextrous and can stay calm under pressure.


You’ll need a minimum of five 9-4 (A*-C) GCSE grades (or the equivalent), including science and be all set to take three A-Levels (or the equivalent) at college or 6th Form.

You’ll need to apply for an approved degree in dental technology at university. Getting three good A-Level grades (or the equivalent) is really important.

After working as a dental technologist, you can apply for the NHS Scientist Training Programme when you’d take extra training to specialise and gain an MSc in reconstructive science.

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