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Biomedical Scientist


You work in the Pathology Department at the back of Hull Royal Infirmary. You’re on Saturday night shift, starting at 6pm.

Tonight, your first task is to test the blood of a critically ill patient needing a transfusion. Using the latest high-tech medical equipment, you determine the correct blood type as fast as possible.

Specialising in transfusion science, the rest of your shift is spent testing blood types of patients requiring transfusions and preparing the blood they’ll be given. You enjoy providing doctors and other members of the healthcare team with vital information and materials — knowing that every day you help to save lives.


You’re responsible, mature and are an effective communicator of complex results to a variety of clinical staff. You enjoy science, working in laboratories and are able to concentrate on the detailed tasks involved in testing patient samples.


A minimum of five 9-4 (A*-C) grade GCSEs (or the equivalent), including maths, English and science. Then, you’ll be all set to apply for three A-Levels (or the equivalent) at college.

You’ll usually need three A-Levels, preferably including chemistry and biology. Then you can begin an approved healthcare science degree in life sciences or in biomedical science at university.

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