QSIR Associate (expert)

For anyone who has completed all five days of the QSIR Practitioner course, you can go onto to become a QSIR Associate which will enable you to deliver the QSIR curriculum.

To become a QSIR Associate, all candidates are required to undertake a virtual assessment to test their level of quality and service improvement knowledge in relation to the QSIR curriculum. Those who successfully meet all assessment criteria will be accredited as associate members of the QSIR teaching faculty, and therefore qualified to deliver QSIR within the organisation.

Those wishing to undertake the assessment will be provided with full support and coaching prior to the assessment.

If you have completed the practitioner course and wish to be undertake the assessment, please contact the CQI team at hyp-tr.qualityimprovement@nhs.net with your details and your name will be put forward and shared with NHS England where you will be contacted with further details of when the next assessments will be taking place.

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