Improvement Links

This section provides information on useful links and resources to support with continuous improvement across the organisation.
  • Getting It Right First Time
    Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) is a national programme designed to improve the treatment and care of patients through in-depth review of services, benchmarking, and presenting a data-driven evidence base to support change.
  • Impact Framework
    Supporting large scale change programmes within NHS England, the Improvement Capability Building and Delivery team has developed a framework to systematically capture the impact of these programmes of work.
  • Improvement Fundamentals training from NHS England
    A programme of online courses for those involved in health and social care.
  • Lean Online
    Lean Online: Introduction to Lean improvement concepts and tools through a series of practical, structured learning-in-action that can be applied immediately to your improvement priorities.
  • Making Data Count training
    Training using statistical process control (SPC) as a method that detects unusual patterns or trends in data that may indicate a need for improvement or intervention.
  • NHS Futures Platform
    A virtual collaboration platform from the NHS that supports people working in health and social care to make change, improve and transform across organisations, places and professions.
  • Quality Service Improvement and Redesign
    The QSIR programmes are delivered in a variety of formats to suit different levels of improvement experience and are supported by publications that guide participants in the use of tried and tested improvement tools, and featured approaches, as well as encouraging reflective learning.

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